Affordable Housing Information

Our community offers both conventional and affordable housing apartments. The Section 42 Affordable Housing Program is designed for the housing needs of moderate-income households. Applicants for this program must complete an affordable housing application and meet certain qualifying standards established by the IRS:

1) Student status is one of the determining factors for qualification for the affordable housing program. The affordable housing student rule states that:

All occupants cannot be current or past full time students for any part of five months in the current calendar year, unless there is a qualifying exception in the household (please ask our leasing office staff about these exceptions).

2) Household income also determines program eligibility by household size as follows (sample 2017 income limits):

A one-person household: $35,280.00 per year
A two-person household: $40,320.00 per year
A three-person household: $45,360.00 per year
A four-person household: $50,340.00 per year

And so on.

3) All income, employment or otherwise, must be verified. This includes such items as monthly support from family members, child support, Unemployment Benefits, Social Security or SSDI Benefits, and other recurring income.

4) Combined household assets over $5000 (checking, savings, CD, stocks, real property, etc.) must be verified.

The qualifications listed here are for informational purposes only. Eligibility for the Affordable Housing Program must be verified by our leasing office staff.

Persons wishing to apply for the affordable housing program can contact our leasing office at 303.830.1350 or for an application(s) and additional information.

Affordable Housing Rents for 2017

Studio - $882
1 Bedroom - $945
2 Bedroom - $1134

Water, sewer and trash is included in the above rent pricing. Residents are responsible for electric. Optional parking is an additional cost.